Due to their limited nature and escalating hype, it was inevitable that fake adidas Yeezy Boosts would become a thing. That much shouldn't be a surprise, but what's really disturbing is how far the fake manufacturers are taking it.

We spotted these fake light-up Yeezy Boosts from an Amazon retailer known as Christo, and they just might be the worst bootlegs we've seen yet. Not only are they completely ridiculous, but the worst part is that it looks like people are actually buying them, and a cursory glance through the related products shows a number of other retailers selling similar fakes.?

As if these couldn't get more offensive than they already are, the product descriptions for the sneakers are equally ridiculous. They're being marketed as "LED YEEZY BOOST" shoes with "high quality fabric" that's "suitable for sports fitness, dancing, hiking, and other occasions." That's right—they're trying to tell you to hike in these things, fam. But the real kicker is last line, which warns shoppers to only purchase products from Christo?stores to ensure quality. Riiight.

If you dare, you can check out these absurd Yeezy Boost fakes for yourself here.?